Aiming to achieve the greatest possible overview, Moderan offers you the option of grouping your assets. For example, you can group all office properties together or all properties in a city or country.

Of course, the more properties you manage with Moderan, the greater the benefit.

Below we explain
 how to group the properties and how to display the different groups.

Add Asset Groups

In Moderan, you add new asset groups simply by adding the group names to the data sheet of the respective properties.

  • Go to Assets --> Properties
  • Click on the name of the property that you want to add to a group
  • Click on EDIT button
  • Go to the "Group" line and enter the name of the group you wish to add
  • Click on SAVE in the top-right corner

You can also assign a Property to more than one group. Simply separate the individual group names from each other with a comma. You can see how it works in the example below.

Once you assigned a Property to an Asset Group, this information is displayed in a separate column of the Properties overview.

If you cannot see this column, please, adjust your Moderan view and add this column to the visible columns.

You can now add other Properties to the created group(s) by adding the same group name(s) to the data sheets of more Properties in the described way.

Show Asset Groups

To display an Asset Group, that means only those properties which are assigned to a specific group, please:

  • Click on the white box on the very top of Moderan (the one that shows "All Properties" when you start Moderan)
  • Scroll until the end of the drop-down list
  • Here you can see all created Groups written in bold text
  • Choose the wanted Group by clicking on it
  • Moderan now displays only those properties added to the particular Group

If you need more help or have questions we are always there in the online chat (green bubble in your Moderan account's bottom right corner) or reachable via