When preparing your Costs input every month:

Step 1*. Check Questionnaire 

Step 2. Follow the Walkthrough  

* If at the Step 1 something is missing or changed, use the third part of this guide -  Shortcuts


Step 1. Questionnaire

Before issuing Costs invoices for a new month go over these:

Have you had a new Rental Contract(s) this month?
If yes:
- Add new Rental Contracts
- Link Meters to Contracts/Tenants
- Set the Exceptions in Costs
- Fill in initial Readings

Have some of the current Rental Contracts ended?
If yes:
- End Rental Contracts

Have there been any Space changes in existing Tenants/Contracts?
If yes:
- Add/remove Spaces from a Rental Contract
- Apply Space size changes for one or several Tenants affected

Have you had a new Service/Cost for Tenants this month?
If yes:
- Add a new Cost
- Add and link Meters if applicable
- Set the Exceptions for the Cost
- Fill in initial Readings

Have you added a new Meter(s) in any Buildings?
If yes:
- Add and Enable new Meters

- Link Meters to Contracts/Tenants
- Fill in initial Readings

Use Shortcuts in the end of this guide for more info on "if yes" actions.


Step 2. Walkthrough

1. Сreate period for this month

  • Start with going to Costs > select the Property you are working on, click +Add New to add a new month period line:
  • If this is not the first month of using Moderan, Readings and Costs will be automatically copied from the previous period
  • Save period line and select it

2. Add/import readings for this period

  • Review if some numbers are suspicious or incorrect: Readings, Usage after import. 

    e.g., as the setup for distribution of Costs is flexible, it may end up as negative (allowed by Moderan), decide on whether it is okay or you want to review the Costs distribution 
  • We recommend using actual numbers in Costs Usage Totals (Electricity Totals, Water Totals, etc) - what is that you actually received on the invoice from utility provider. That will make the price accurate if your Readings come not automatically but manually meaning it might be slightly different
  • Don't forget to manually add the Previous Readings for the new Tenants meters, or new Costs

3. Add Bills

  • Moderan also automatically copies into the Bills menu all the lines from the previous month. You only have to update the invoice numbers, dates and costs if needed.
  • Lines marked yellow require entering current Cost! Once updated they become white:
  •  Add the exceptional, one-time invoices you might have this month. You may delete the yellow lines for one-time fees, copied from the previous period.
  • If you had any Bills for direct Tenant services (e.g. office space cleaning, repair works, security on-call check, etc) you have to add them in Readings view. Add a Cost Type (how-to), enter the total Bill amount in Total Usage, then add individual amounts for each Tenant.

  • Once you enter total Readings and total Bills, Moderan automatically calculates the Rates and all the rest.

4. Review results

To check if all numbers are correct, go over the following reports totals: 

  • Summary 
  • Cost calculation view

  • Profit




Rental Contracts: add/end

One of the basic things to be checked each month: Are your Contracts up to date?

Before you can start Costs calculations, you need to make sure all of your Rental Contracts are up to date

How to check Contracts state

  • Using Reports > Tenant Changes check if all new ones have been entered
  • Using Reports > Contract Deadlines check Contracts with End of Rental Period mark: finish the ones that actually ended, or update deadlines for the still active ones

To add a Rental Contract

  • Go to Contracts > Rental Contracts
  • Click +Add New
  • Fill in the Rental Contract details. Use our guides if needed: Rental Contract folder

To end a Rental Contract

  • Go to Contracts > Rental Contracts
  • Select the Contract you need to end
  • Click Edit and add the Actual End Date
  • This Contract will be available in Archive. It won't be displayed active since the date entered. 


Space change

For Costs calculation the important part is to ensure your Space sizes are updated as Costs are calculated on the basis of this

  • Go to Costs > Summary and check the column Rental Space for Tenants

  • If you had any changes in the Spaces you leased out in this period:
  1. Ensure the Space size change is reflected in Assets > Spaces
  2. If a Space size was changed from non-leasable area, make sure your Leasable Space totals

  • See more on Leasable Space and changing the Space size: Spaces

New Costs

You have a new service or cost this month you need to bill to your Tenants

  • Add this new Cost type in Admin section (how-to)
  • Enable this Cost for the current period in Costs > Building Settings. Done only once, it will be automatically transferred to the next periods
  • Go over the Contract Terms to manage Exceptions for this Cost

Managing Exceptions 

  • At Costs > Contract Terms use the 'Exceptions for general costs distribution' column to adjust the exceptions for Cost distribution settings for new Tenants or renegotiated exceptions

New Meters

You have a new Meter you added to one of your Buildings this month

  • Add new Meter: go to Costs > Building Settings > Enabling Meters 
  • Link new Meters to Tenants: at Costs > Contract Terms by clicking on a settings icon next to Tenant name and following to Edit Individual Costs