Welcome to Moderan! Moderan is an online software that helps you manage lease agreements, simplify utilities calculations and automate asset reporting.

Log in your account at https://www.moderan.net. Not sure what is your password? Check this

This is a brief guide to help you get started. If you want to go into more details check the links in the end. 

Let's cover three essentials steps to set up your account:

1. Add Assets

Go to Moderan > Assets to see Properties, Immovables, Buildings and Spaces tabs:

Property - an investment with a specific landlord. Can include several Immovables/Buildings

Immovable - a land plot, which gives an address to a building or a group of buildings

Building - a physical building or structure you lease out on a land plot

Space - leasable single unit: a floor, a room, a combination of some

Add a Property:

  • Go to Assets > Properties
  • Click +ADD NEW and fill Property Name* 
  • Go to Landlord*: select it from a drop-down if you added it before, or click + to add new and save it


TIP: Don't forget to always click SAVE icon in the top right corner when you make changes

Moderan links Property name and Landlord directly to all its Buildings and Rental contracts.

Add an Immovable:

  • Go to Assets > Immovables
  • Click +ADD NEW, select the Property* to which this immovable belongs and add the Address*

Add a Building:

  • Go to Assets > Buildings
  • Click +ADD NEW and fill Building Name* (it will appear named like that on Contracts and Reports)
  • Select the right Immovable* from the drop-down

Moderan automatically calculates the Leasable area of the Building once you add Spaces to it.

Add Spaces:

  • Go to Assets > Spaces
  • Click +ADD NEW and fill in Space Name*
  • Make a mark if the Space is Leasable. Add Space Function if you need to use it.
  • Add Space size
  • Be sure to assign it to a Building*

Check more on Assets in Moderan here

2. Add Rental contracts

Adding your Rental Contracts is the most important part of getting started with Moderan - it may take some time, yet when added the system works flawlessly, saving your time. 

TIP: Start with adding the contracts with the closest deadlines

  • Go to Contracts > Rental Contracts
  • Click +ADD NEW to open a new Contract card and fill in the details

New Contract card consists of several blocks of information: Contract information, Rent and other fees, Contract Termination, Indexation, Notes, Email Reminders, Persons. 


Let's fill in the essential fields:

#1: Contract Information

  • Tenant*: add the name or select from the drop-down
  • Contract Number*: a combination of numbers and letters to identify the contract
  • Building*: select it from the drop-down

After selecting the Building, click on Edit next to the Spaces field and assign the Spaces for this Contract. Once set here, Moderan will automatically fill the Rental Space further:

There are as well several important dates for your Contract to be filled:

  • Transfer Date: indicates when the space is no longer vacant, also used in vacancy calculations
  • Start of Rental Payments: is used for all rent calculations and reports
  • Moderan can remind you of other dates and deadlines - check this article

#2: Rent and other fees

  • Moderan automatically calculates the total of all added Spaces - Rental Space in m2 (if you added Spaces in the previous step)
  • Monthly Rent or Rent per unit: fill in one of the two, we'll calculate the other
  • Payment interval*: select if it's different from monthly default 

  • Add other fees: click to open up the menu and add Contract fees besides the rent (Parking, Maintenance, Marketing, etc)

For every other fee, fill in:

  • Billing Name: can only be one active fee of the same name per each Contract (one Rent, one Marketing, etc). If you add a new row with the same Billing name, Moderan will interpret this date as an update/change in this billing type. To add a new fee name, check this article
  • Start date: can also be a date in future - when the date arrives Moderan updates the rent accordingly
  • Basis: the way you bill this fee, by square units, other units (like pieces), or a fixed amount per month

Hit Save icon in first column when finished:



Edit/Delete options are only for fixing an error in an existing fee. When you want to change Rent/Fee - add a new rowdon't delete/edit previous dates.

E.g.: You have a rental fee change from 1.01 from original 8,85 to 9 euros per m2.
Add a row using the +ADD NEW button, put the effective start date - can be even in future if you know when. Add the same Billing Name, new fee and Save.

Historical data is saved as greyed out rows to distinguish. 

Check more on Rental Contracts in Moderan here

 3. Viewing Data and Reports

After adding Properties and Contracts, you can enjoy both the overviews of assets and leases you have in your portfolio and the detailed Reports about Tenant changes, Revenues, Property performance - and more

  • Go to Moderan >  Assets > Properties to have a snapshot key metrics for each entered Property: total leasable area (from all Properties' buildings), vacancy rate, total monthly rental income, average income per m2 

  • Go to Moderan > Reports menu to check the variety of ready-made Reports ready based on your data:

Check more on exploring Reports in Moderan here