Your Properties most probably are insured. If you want to keep information about the insurance contracts, durations, conditions - and also set up reminders for deadlines of those - Moderan has a feature for that! 

Adding insurance information

If you have property insured, that means you have an insurance contract or information about such. To record it in Moderan and connect to a Property just enter this as a Service Contract.

  • Go to Moderan > Contracts > Service Contracts and click  +ADD NEW
  • Fill in the mandatory fields marked with asterisk*: Contract number, Property and Service Provider (from a drop-down). 
    You may state the insurance nature of the contract in Contract Subject field.

    NB! By picking up a Property you link this insurance contract with it. 
    You may pick multiple Properties here, if the insurance provider is taking care of several

Set Reminders

After filling the Contract Information, go to the Reminders block. 

You can set two reminders for your insurance contract: 

- the amount of months before warning you about the insurance Contract End (will be used for showing this one in Contract Deadlines Report) 
- some Other reminder you might need here

The reminders you set are send as general ones to the email, as well as other reminders connected to you in Moderan. 

Click "Save" after entering all data about the insurance contract

Add Files and personal reminders

Upon saving, your contract will be saved in Service Contracts and Properties stated in link will get linked.

Now, if you select this Contract from the Service Contracts grid you will see the Interactions & Files block. You can add the insurance contract files there, record price negotiations or add future dates for contacts, negotiations or meetings.

As elsewhere, those records will be working as personalized reminders, only for the email of a person who made the recor.

Check more on using the contract Interactions & Files block in Moderan here!