Here's a cheat-sheet we prepared for you to quickly go over when..

  • you prepare the Rent invoices monthly!


Enter new Contracts

One of the basic things to be checked each month: Are your Contracts up to date?

  • Be sure you enter all new Contacts for the month at Assets > Rental Contracts

Contract changes: Rent fee

Using Reports > Contract Deadlines:

  • Check Contracts with Indexation for this month before invoicing the rent.

    Update the Rent for such Contracts by clicking its number and adding new Rent fee. 
    Also update the next Indexation date.

  • Check Contracts with End of Rental Period mark: finish the ones that actually ended, or update deadlines for the still active ones.

Rent and Fees: review the fees

Using Reports > Rent and Fees calculations:

  • Make sure all Tenants have Rent fees applied. 
    Check empty sums - blue ones are billed for another payment interval (e.g. year)

     but white ones without a sum are a sign for you to check!
    E.g. here you might need to go to Contract, check whether the Rent fee is stated there and add it if not.
  • Update Contracts if you had any changes in the Rent fees for some of them, and you see it is not in Report

Final steps

  • Use Reports > Tenant Changes to have hints on possible tenant-related changes in rent that you missed to enter
  • Once done with both 1) Contract Deadlines and 2) Rent and Fees total sums check, you can move forward with Rent invoices. Click and send info to accounting software integration, if you have one:


Before issuing Rent invoices for a new month:

- All new Contracts data is in, all ended ones are out
- Indexation and other Contract changes are applied
- Rent fees are up to date
- Tenant changes reflects the actual situation