Once you added your fees in the Pricelist, you can start recording them as your tenants make use of the services.

TIP: Use the date filter to see all fees entered for a specific date, month, or year 

To enter the service used, go to Fees > Variable Fees menu:

Click the +ADD NEW icon to put a new record for the service fee used (fields with asterisk* are mandatory to fill in):

  • Select the Tenant* from the drop-down
  • State the Contract when you wish to link fee usage to a Contract, and if you wish the discount from pricelist to be applied
  • Select the Building*
  • Enter the Date when the service was used 
  • Select the Fee* from the drop-down
  • The drop-down of the Fee* column includes Fees entered in the Pricelist, as well as general billing categories for the fees. If you select a previously entered Fee, the price will be uploaded automatically. If you select a general billing name, price will be empty. You can select general ones for your own use-cases, but keeping Fees in pricelist improves further tracking and reporting
  • Add Description to specify details
  • Enter Amount and Unit to calculate the totals
  • Price should be auto-filled in case the Fee is in the Pricelist
  • Total is calculated based on price and amount-unit
  • Add Notes if needed
  • Click the Save pictogram 
  • That's it! Now you have a new Fee record added: