What to do if some of tenants use cleaning services on a regular basis? 

How to enter the occasional printing service? What if someone rents a meeting hall for half a day?

Here's how to add occasional or recurring services for your tenants in Moderan, including:

  • one-time or recurring services as cleaning or special maintenance
  • on demand services as usage of special equipment (printer, washing machine)
  • on demand or pay-as-you-go services as usage of rooms in co-workings, or usage of meeting rooms

For such cases use the Fees menu in you Moderan account

The steps are as follows:

  1. Determine what sorts of fees apart from rent you offer to your current or prospective tenants
  2. Enter their prices and billing categories in Fees > Pricelist menu (How to form Pricelist)
  3. Enter the services in Fees > Variable fees as your tenants use them (How to add service as used)
  4. Check monthly the amounts of services used in the Variable fees menu setting the dates