Adding a new contact Person

Contact Persons can be added in Moderan to link to Contracts and keep all information you need about people involved or in charge in one place.

To add a new person to your Contacts:

1. From your Moderan dashboard go to Contacts > Persons

2. Click +ADD NEW


3. Enter the name, organization, contact address and phone and other details. Surname* and Organization* are mandatory fields. You can however leave Organization as "Unset" selecting it from a drop-down.

   4. Click Save to make the record.

   5. Your new Contact is saved. Now you can view the person's details from the grid.

Editing Person's details

To view or edit the Persons card, either click on the name in the grid, or hover over the First name to see Options icon, and select the needed action: View or Edit. Be sure to click Save upon updating the details.

You can also go to editing mode while viewing the personal information! 

For that, simply click the Edit button when you are in the View option.

Linking Person to a Contract

Once the personal contact is created, you can edit the information and associate the relevant Contract with the person. 

You can do this either A. from the Person's card view or from Rental/Service Contract 

A. From Contacts > Persons:

1. Scroll down to see the Contracts bar. Click +ADD NEW 

2. Start filling in the Contract No - the auto-fill with guess and show the results. Select the needed Contract. This field is mandatory.

3. Select a Role or multiple Roles for a Person, if relevant:

  • Unset
  • Authorized signatory
  • Accounting
  • Technical
  • Marketing

TIP! You can ask a User with Admin rights to add more custom Roles for Persons

4. Click Save icon!

B. From Contracts > Rental/Service Contract:

1. Go to the needed Rental/Service contract card, and scroll down to the Persons block. Click +ADD NEW 

2. Select a Person from the drop-down. This field is mandatory. 

3.  Select a Role or multiple Roles for a Person, if relevant

4. Click Save icon! 

Linking Person to an Organization

Once the personal contact is created, you can edit the information and associate the relevant Organization with the person as well.

You can do this either from the Person's card view.

From Contacts > Persons:

You normally link an Organization when creating a Person contact, as it is a mandatory field. 

If you have left the Organization as Unset, you can go and Edit this anytime. 

(see "creating and updating Persons" above for reference)

If a Person is linked to a Contract, it will appear on the Organization related to this Contract.

You can easily navigate between interlinked Persons/Contracts/Organizations by clicking on the name of a Person.