Adding a new Contact person

To delete the demo contact that appears when your Moderan account is first  created, click on the editing options and select "Delete".

To add a new person to your Contacts:

  1. From your Moderan dashboard go to Contacts > Persons

  2. Click + Add New: 

     3. Enter the name, contact address and phone and other details: 

   4. Click Save to make the record.

   5. Your new Contact is saved. Now you can view the person's details from the Persons       menu: hover over the First name to see Options icon, and click on View to see the Personal details card.

Updating personal information

Once the personal contact is created, you can edit the information and associate the relevant Contract with the person.

To edit or add new information on a person:

  1.  From the Contacts > Persons grid view hover over the first name of the person, whose details you want to change, click the Options icon and select Edit:

  2. Change the information as desired. Click Save, when finished.

  3. To associate a specific Contract to the person, in Edit option scroll down the person's details to see the Contracts bar. Click +Add New to attach one:

4. Click Save to keep the changes.

You can also go to editing mode while viewing the personal information! 

For that, simply click the Edit button when you are in the View option.