To perform actions with current Users or add a new one go to Admin menu first. 

This action is only available to Admin Users

Adding User

1. Go to Admin > Users and click the + Add new

2. Fill in the new user's details. User's name, surname and email along with Permissions and Access to properties are mandatory fields

NB! The e-mail of the User cannot be changed in Moderan
You can edit other user information (check how)

Permissions - select from the drop-down the type of permissions for your new User. Moderan has several types of User permissions available:

User PermissionProperty accessEditingView and ExportDeletingManaging Users and Settings (Admin tab)
AdministratorFull access to all Properties, including all new onesFullFullFullFull
UserSelected PropertiesFullFullLimitedNo
ViewerSelected PropertiesNoFullNoNo

In case the Admin permission is assigned to a User he has access to all of your Properties 

Access to properties select all the properties a User needs to have access to from the drop-down. You can add as many properties as you need. If you want to grant access to all of them - select All.

3. Hit Save.

Deleting User

Moderan doesn't allow you to delete users completely - you need to deactivate them:

  • Deactivated permission stops the User access for your Moderan account
  • Not erasing the User keep the History log: a User's e-mail is a unique identifier and this way you can still see all changes made previously even if the User is deactivated
  • Use the deactivation also in case you want to temporarily stop the user's access to your Moderan account. You can give back access to any user that has been deactivated 

1. Go to Admin > Users, then click on the name of the User you want to deactivate temporarily or permanently 

2. Change the User's Permissions to Deactivated. (See more on editing Users)

3. Hit Save.

The user is deactivated and no longer has access to your Moderan account.

How to give back access to a user that has been deactivated?

Follow the same steps as you did when you deactivated the user, but assign the new type of Permission: User, Viewer or Admin, depending on your needs.