Admin > Users

Moderan has several types of User permissions available:

User PermissionProperty accessEditingView and ExportDeletingManaging Users and Settings (Admin tab)
AdministratorFull access to all Properties, including all new onesFullFullFullFull
UserSelected PropertiesFullFullLimitedNo
ViewerSelected PropertiesNoFullNoNo

Go to Admin menu to edit current Users' permissions and accesses.

Note: This action is only available to Admin users!

1. Go to Admin --> Users, then click on the name of the User whose permissions, access to properties, or data you want to change

Alternatively, you can hover over a name, click the Settings icon, and choose Edit

2. If you clicked on the Name directly in the previous step, select Edit


3. To change the Users' role permissions (Administrator, User, Viewer) click the Permissions field and select one from the drop-down menu

4. To limit Users or Viewers rights to certain Properties click the Access to Properties field.

If you want to grant access to one or more Properties to a User select only these ones from the drop-down. 

You can add as many properties access as you need for a User, the selection is multiple.

By selecting one or more Properties you give a User access to those only and he will NOT have access to new ones. You may further add those manually.

If you want to grant access to all of them - select All. 

By selecting All you give a User also the automatic access to all new properties that will be added later.

In case the Admin permission is assigned to a User, this User automatically has:

- access to all of your current Properties and Properties added in the future
- access to all tabs
- access to the Admin menu and rights to edit

5. You can also limit a User's or Viewer's access to certain tabs.

Remove the green check mark from one or more tabs by clicking on them. The corresponding pages will then no longer be displayed to the respective users.

In this way, you can make individual pages (e.g. specific Reports) or entire areas (e.g. all Costs) invisible to the user.

6. If you want to change any other information of the User you can also do it here by clicking the field you want to change (names, phone, position, notes):

NB! The e-mail of the User cannot be changed in Moderan.

The e-mail is used as a unique User identifier in Moderan, meaning that one e-mail represents one User. If a User's e-mail has changed or you've typed it wrong:

    1. Create another User with the correct email address;

    2. Log out and log in again using the correct email address;

    3. Deactivate the account with the incorrect email address

(see instructions here)

7. Hit Save after all changes are done!