Property - one investment with one specific landlord. Can include one or several Immovables/Buildings.

Property in Moderan means an investment with one landlord. It may consist of several Immovables and buildings. In most cases it has one Immovable (a land plot) with one or several Buildings on it. 

Several examples:

  • One office building on one Immovable (land plot)
  • Production complex with 4 Immovables and one large industrial building
  • Modern multi-purpose urban quarter with one Immovable and 5 buildings on it with offices, retail rentals and restaurants
  • etc.

How to add a Property?

  • Go to Moderan > Assets > Properties

  • Click +ADD NEW and fill in the fields in the new Property card

Property* - the name of your Property. This is a mandatory field.

This name will further be used in all Reports and elsewhere in Moderan to indicate the Property - mind this when creating. 

Code - a marker which can be associated/used by you to filter properties further (e fund identifier)

Landlord - a contract counterpart (the Lessor) for this Property. Click + and add the landlord name or select an Organization from a drop-down if you added it before.

Moderan links Property name and Landlord directly to all the Buildings and Rental Contracts which are associated with it. If you leave the Owner field empty, the Landlord name will be missing from them.

Yet, you can add it and change any time later as well - the Landlord name will be automatically updated on all the linked items!

Value -  add Property value for your information if you need it

Notes - keep Notes for you and your colleagues here

Editing and Deleting Properties

If you want to Edit any information related to a Property, go to Assets > Properties, find the line with the Property you want to Edit, and click on Settings icon next to its name: 

You'll be able to edit the fields you filled when creating the Property - then, click Save:

If you want to edit other fields related to the Property card, i.e. Tenants, Leasable Area, Contracts - please, go to a corresponding Space and make necessary change to this Space. See more here.

You can see there is as well the Delete button in the drop-down of Settings. You can use it in case you accidentally added a Property, or have an empty one never used. In other cases Moderan does not allow deleting a Property that has Landplots, Buildings, Spaces attached.

A property can be deleted only in case it has no assets attached

Adding Pictures to Properties


We've added the ability to add photos of your Property, floor plan photos and even moving gifs to show several side of a Property. It can be easily done by either clicking the Select Image files button or simply dropping images there. Multiload is supported so you can select several at once.

File formats supported: ".bmp", ".png", ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".gif", ".tiff". 


I have a Property, in which a Building with 2 Landlords. How should I enter this one?

In case you have a property which includes two Buildings, but each of them have a separate Landlord:

1. Create two Properties by adding them as described above. 

2. While adding, state the two different Landlords for these Properties. 

You may use the same name, but reflect somehow the difference.

3. Create and attach Buildings and other Assets accordingly.

Basically, you need to split as many properties as many Landlords are represented in your portfolio.