There are many ways in which you can personalize your Moderan account views:

Personalized views - Moderan remembers the settings you made! 

They will be saved as your view and will not affect any other user's views. So you can adjust your Moderan view to your personal preference!

Select the columns in grids

You can choose which data you need to see – open any Moderan list view and click the Screenshot 2019 10 21 at 16.54.23 button next to any column.

If you move the mouse to the 'Columns' subitem, a scrollable menu opens. There, you can mark the checkboxes for the columns you need and uncheck the ones you do not need. You can adjust any list view where you see these checkboxes (for example: Assets, Rental contracts, Requests, Reports). 

Hint: Do check, some of the reports have more columns than you first see. Maybe these can be useful for you.

Note: If you added Custom Fields to your Immovables, Spaces, Contracts or Contacts, you need to select them in the abovementioned way so that they are also displayed in the corresponding grid.

Arrange the columns in grids

You can freely arrange the order of the columns according to your wishes. To change the order of the columns, click on a column header and drag it where you would like to place it.

Set the width of columns

You can change the column width, so the needed information is easier to see. To change the width move the mouse to the white area between two column headers. The mouse changes its shape. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the column to the left of the mouse to the desired width.

Sort the information in columns alphabetically

You can sort the data in the tables as you prefer. To sort data, click on a column header to begin sorting by ascending value (A to Z). Click again and now the column is sorted by descending value (Z to A). The third click removes sorting by this column.

Arrange and group data on Reports page

On the Reports page, you find the available reports on the left. To unfold the overview of the reports, move the mouse to the Reports column. The column then unfolds automatically. Alternatively, you can unfold the column manually by left-clicking and holding on a white area in the actual Reports window and moving the mouse to the right.

You can 
change the order of the reports in the left-hand column by dragging and dropping. So you can arrange them according to your own preferences and frequency of use.
Just grab any report name with the mouse and drag it up or down.

Note: Moderan remembers all the setting. Next time you use Moderan, you do not need to do these adjustments again.