▶ Contracts > Rental Contracts > Edit > Indexation section

Automatic indexation is contract specific and can be set in Rental Contracts > section Indexation.

In the current version of automatic indexation, it is possible to automate only fixed-rate indexation. 

Setting up Automatic Indexation

Mandatory fields that need to be filled are:

Automatic Indexation > checkmark

 Index > percentage

Next indexation date > it must be no less than one month in advance. This is because Rent invoices are always issued in the beginning of the month, and if the Indexation date is somewhere in the second half of the month, we must ensure that the Indexation calculation is completed before this month invoices are issued – therefore, at least 1 month in advance.

Indexation Frequency > in months

NB! When using automatic indexation, you also need to check mark each billing type to be indexed in Rental Contract > Rent and other Fees section > Rent and Fees table. Only the billing line that is marked for indexation and is active at the indexation time will be indexed.

Automatic indexation steps done by Moderan

Once automatic indexation has been added to a Rental contract: 

• Info about indexation is visible in the Contract deadlines report

• Contract billing types are indexed 1 month prior to Next Indexation Date by added rows in Contract’s Rent and Fees table with Description “Automatically indexed 1 month in advance, Index: %

        ▪ Rows date is equal to Next Indexation Date. Rows added 1 month prior to this date, i.e., not active yet.

        ▪ Rows are created for all Billing type rows in the Contract that:

                ○ are active (white ones, the latest value for a Billing type)

                ○ are marked as “yes” in Index field of Rent and Fees table

                ○ are dated before or today (i.e. are not in the future). 

Next Indexation Date field is updated by adding the number of months mentioned in the field Indexation Frequency to the current Indexation Date > one day after the last Indexation Date.

Notifications about Indexation

▶ Contracts > Rental Contract > Edit > Send Reminders to E-mail

You will receive a reminder about upcoming Indexation. There are two scenarios:

• If Indexation Reminder is not filled notification is sent “1 month prior to stated Next Indexation Date”

• If Indexation Reminder is filled:

    ○ notification is sent on “1 month prior to Next Indexation Date” + “Indexation reminder date period”

    ○  is also sent “1 month prior to stated Next Indexation Date”